I always check out our libraries art exhibitions and I must tell you I was mesmerized by your work, not only that they look so much like paintings, but the structure of each one is perfect. I frame my own work and I know how much a frame adds to the total image you want people to enjoy. I found myself visiting the exhibit quite a few times and have finally decided I can’t choose a favorite. Just lovely, thank you. Molly O’Neill-Lally
amazing site
John Homrok(non-registered)
Read the article in today's Sunday paper and had to visit your site. My wife Pat and I loved the photos - just beautifully done. Judy you have a gift that few have. Ansel Adams would have loved your work.
Cheryl Martinelli(non-registered)
Hi, Judith
A beautiful, young lady told me to go see a photography show this weekend. :) I will be there on Monday.
Just checked out your site. Lovely photos! I look forward to seeing you and taking about your work further.
Jerry hyres(non-registered)
Judy I am so glad I stopped by your website! Absolutely beautiful. Jerry
Just viewed your offerings. We talked about your work at the show on Church St. 2/1/14. Your website and your work has real creative and unique qualities that I have to compliment you on. Amazing and impressive with what your artistic eye brings out and it's no wonder that you experience the success that you do.
Steffani Kuplast(non-registered)
Hi Judith,
I was looking for images of apple trees to reference for a painting I am working on. I stumbled upon your photos and your website. I absolutely love your work, and your website is fantastic! Thank you!
Gorgeous as always Judy. Love your style!
tony ruggiero(non-registered)
..............excellent....as is your work
Clare Sartori(non-registered)
Thanks so much for adding the greeting card tag, Judith. Makes it so much easier to order your lovely cards. Bravo to your artistic photography! Clare
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